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DIY Z PALETTE : Save the splurge!

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Hey Guys welcome to my blog and today I will be sharing with you an exciting DIY,I have seen many other videos and blog post that share how to make the Z palette so therefore there must be a good  reason why us people have decided to make a DIY rather than simply purchasing it from online.
I am sure everyone knows what a Z palette is, it is the palette which everyone wants in order to depot their eyeshadows in, but why?
Pros and Cons Z Palette:
There are many pros as well as cons of this palette and here are some I can think of from the top of my head.
        Expensive! For the amount they hold some may think that the price is not that expensive however for someone who has a hell lot of eyeshadows and one or even ten z palette may not be enough, in that case spending £10-£20 on an empty palette may not be the best cost-efficient thing in addition why spend £20 on a palette when you can spend it on eyeshadows to put in a palette!? (thats what I say!)
        The palette is magnetic, it can very strongly hold eyeshadows with a magnetic pan therefore you do not need to glue them on and the individual pans can be moved around from different palettes and rearranged, however not all eyeshadow pans are magnetic therefore you may need to spend some few more pounds and get separate magnetic stickers.
        The clear window, the palette has a clear front window which allows you to know which palette contains the eyeshadow you need to create your look.
        Comes in different sizes, the small palette holding 9 eyeshadows ( 26mm pan) and the xl palette holding approx 30 pans!
        The design of the palettes are very unique, can come in simple solid colours or even pattern and they just look amazing in your makeup collection
        Travel friendly- design your own palette and take them anywhere with you.
        Storage friendly-depot all your eyeshadows and save space

Pros and Cons DIY Z Palette:
Despite all these pros why would you DIY it!? The DIY also has its own pros and cons
        For any DIY you do need time because obviously you are making it, however it is faster than ordering it online and then waiting for it to arrive to your doors.
        Simple equipments needed and widely available and Z palettes can easily become out of stock and limited.
        Can design your palettes to suit your preference, I designed mine to suit my wooden furniture in my room.
        Cost me around £7 to make compared to £20 therefore saving money and being able to buy the magnetic stickers because I saved money! So why not?
        The palette holds more eyeshadows than a XL Z palette does.
        If you’re not a DIY sort of person then the outcome may not be as neat as Z palette but if you don’t really care then it don’t matter
        Doesn’t require too many steps to make, very very easy to make!

Diy Z palette above : One makeupgeek eyeshadow in the palette for size reference.


You simply need:
1.       Vinyl self adhesive paper or duct tape (depending on your preference of design)
2.       1x standard Canvas (basic poundland canvas) this will be your base.
3.        1x A4 foam board or flat canvas 10’ x 12’/25 x 30cm
4.       Acrylic sheet/clear acrylic folder/ any acrylic from DVD cover
5.       Magnetic sheet
6.       Tape
7.       Scissors/Craft Knife
8.       Ruler
9.       CREATIVITY!

1.    Using the tape/vinyl paper wrap the flat part of the standard canvas by simply removing the self-adhesive paper and place the canvas flat on top of the paper ensuring no bubbles are formed or if using tape then cut strips of tape and wrap sections of the canvas until the whole of the canvas top is covered.
2.    (see Image 2 below) Measure the canvas and cut the foam board of the same size (green region) or if using the flat canvas it should be the same size as the standard canvas.
3.    (see Image 2 below) Measure the red region and using a pencil and ruler copy the same measurement on the foam board/canvas and then cut the foam board using the knife; this will be your lid with the clear window.
4.    Wrap the lid with the tape/paper
5.    Now cover any parts that haven’t been fully covered with tape.
6.    Cut the acrylic sheet to the same size as the window which you had created and then tape the acrylic sheet on the lid ( tip: messier side should be hidden underneath and then covered with tape later)
7.    Cut a strip of tape/paper (same measurement as the longest side of your palette/canvas)
8.    Cut another strip of tape/paper same length as above and then cut it in half
9.    Stick the second strip of paper/tape on the middle of the first piece of tape
10. Put the lid on the canvas making sure it is aligned well, and then stick the tape on the edge of the palette holding the lid and canvas together and then you are done!

Hope I have been able to explain it well, if you have any questions feel free to ask them.

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