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MAC Lipstick Collection for Medium-Olive Skintone

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When it comes to lipsticks and collecting lipsticks, I have always preferred the formulation of MAC. They have a wide range of formulation from Satin-Retro Matte and the packaging is super-chic and cute and I am sure everyone recognises knows a Mac Lipstick when they see it.

Today I wanted to share just some of My Mac lipsticks ( I had depotted some that were left on empty bullets) that I am currently using and hopefully they will help when deciding which lipstick you should buy and which lipstick shades will complement your skin tone if you have skin tones similar to mine.

Viva Glam I and III

The packaging of these lipsticks are observably different,These are the Miley Cyrus Collection Lipsticks and the shades are beautiful.

Down (Viva Glam I ) Above (Viva Glam III)
I had initially picked up Viva Glam III because my mom wanted a deep maroon shade and this was perfect and I ended up wearing it more than she did but when my aunts bought the Viva Glam I then my mom decided that she wanted that too (YEAH! Shes spoilt HAHHA),I prefer my reds and maroons for winter seasons and being a londoner,winter is always round the corner.
Viva Glam I:Deep red
Viva Glam III: Deep Plum-Burgundy Colour
MAC (Retro Matte) Ruby WOO

The ICONIC shade: Ask any person to name a  MAC lipstick and 80% of the time they will say Ruby woo! because it is that classic red shade that any red lipstick lover will want and have.I love love love this shade because of its vibrancy aswell as it making my teeth look white because of the slight bluish hue.This is a retro-matte ruby woo meaning that it is even mattifying than the normal matte shades therefore overly dried lips need to be prior moisturised.

MAC (Retro Matte) All Fired Up

I am in love with this shade,It is a vibrant pink shade perfect for summer season which is round the corner and really suits olive skin tones and enhances the complexion even when worn alone.

MAC (Lustre)-Lustering

This has a tinted lip balm type formulation and it is not my favourite type because I am a more of a opaque lipstick kind of girl and a matte one too but I do wear this for a natural tint to the lips when I want a lipbalm because I hardly have any glossy lipstick/lipgloss so this is perfect and also when I go for a dramatic eye makeup then this also puts it together.

MAC ( Retro Matte) Flat Out Fabulous

Another retro-matte and a beautiful purple-fuschia type colour and I love this look and it highly suits even medium-deep complexions and it is my aunt staple lipstick and she is around MAC NC42-NC45 and I am NC25-NC30 and we both wear and adore this lipstick because it is a very versatile lipstick.

MAC (Satin) Captive

MAC (Satin)-Retro


MAC (Satin)-Media

MAC (Matte)- Sin

MAC (Matte)- Taupe

MAC (Matte)- Velvet Teddy


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